Area Agency on Aging of Broward County Telephone Reassurance Service


What is ConnectingWithU?

ConnectingWithU is a free, telephone reassurance service that provides emotional support for Seniors in Broward County.  ConnectingWithU offers an individualized, emotionally safe space for Seniors to express their feelings and concerns while staying interconnected to others from the comfort of their own home. 
ConnectingWithU calls can prevent Seniors from feeling isolated, becoming depressed, requiring medical services, or potentially institutional placement as a result of being disconnected from human interaction and emotional instability.

How does ConnectingWithU work?

ConnectingWithU provides daily or weekly calls to Seniors to ensure their emotional and physical wellbeing. The calls offer peace of mind for Seniors who are lacking human interaction and socialization.
If ConnectingWithU is unsuccessful in connecting with the Senior after multiple phone attempts, the designated emergency contact(s) will be contacted and asked to check on the Senior's wellbeing. If no one can be reached, we will contact the appropriate agency to provide a home visit. *In some cases, we will call for dispatch emergency services to be rendered. *

How does ConnectingWithU work with seniors during disasters?

As residents of Broward County, Seniors must adequately prepare for its annual hurricane season, along with other statewide emergencies such as COVID-19. 
ConnectingWithU volunteers work to alleviate the stress of disaster readiness by developing an action plan, providing information about available programs and resources, and providing that needed safety check for a senior who has the comfort of knowing someone is there to support them.


Interested in volunteering or have questions?

Please fill out the ConnectingWithU volunteer application and submit the application to

Volunteer form: Download


For More Information regarding the ConnectingWithU program, please contact: 

Krizia Blanco at (954) 745-9567 or email


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