Veteran Directed Care Program

Veteran Directed Care Program

The Veteran Directed Care program is a partnership with the Veteran’s Administration and the Agency on Aging of Broward County. The program is designed to help keep Veterans in their own homes and gives veterans of all ages the opportunity to receive services from a caregiver of their choosing.

There are no age restrictions or service connected requirements to quality for the Veteran Directed Care however to be eligible for the program veterans must:

  • Be enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration
  • Meet functional eligibility criteria as determined by the VA
  • Be able to direct their own services or appoint someone on their behalf to direct their own services.

The VA is responsible for determining eligibility and the approval of service plans and budgets for the VDC Program. The veteran or a representative hires and schedules all care providers, services providers, and necessary supplies. It is very common for a veteran to hire family members, including their spouses, neighbors and / or friends to provide them with personal care.

Click here for more information about the Veteran Directed Care Program. For more information or to sign up for the program, call 954-357-6622 at Broward County Elderly and Veterans Services or 954-745-9779 for the Area Agency on Aging Helpline.