FPL Assistance

Available FPL Assistance Programs

Florida Power and Light (FPL) has many programs offering a variety of provisions for the customer in need. A brief introduction to some of these programs is provided below. For more information, please reach out to the contact numbers and web links provided.

Sometimes people need a little more time to pay their electric bills. FPL tries to be as flexible as possible. Their online payment extension offers qualifying customers the chance to extend the due date of their bills temporarily. For more information, please call Florida Power & Light at 954.797.5000 or call the customer service number on your energy bill.

Serious financial problems can strike any family or individual due to the loss of a job, illness, or other unanticipated occurrences. When an FPL customer is having financial difficulty, FPL's ASSIST is a special assistance program that offers:

Payment assistance to eligible residential customers through a vast network of social service organizations located throughout FPL's service area.

Help in finding you an agency that will be able to determine whether you're eligible for federal financial assistance.

For more information, please call Florida Power & Light at 954.797.5000 or call the customer service number on your energy bill.

This fund is made up of customers, FPL corporate and employee contributions that help pay home-energy bills for households’ experiencing a crisis. The Broward County Community Action Agency administers Care to Share. All donations go directly to benefit customers in crisis.

Look for Care to Share program donor information with your electric bill. If you need or know someone else who needs assistance, contact the ADRC Helpline at 954.745.9779. for application information.

You can guard against the disconnection of your electric service if you are away from home unexpectedly or cannot be reached because of illness. Through this plan, you can authorize FPL to send a copy of any delinquent notice to a person you designate, be it relative, friend, clergyman, or a close associate. This doesn't place any obligation on that person to pay the bill, but it does allow him or her to assist you.

This program, along with FPL Automatic Bill Payment, is especially helpful to senior customers who may live alone. To enroll in FPL Friendly Reminder, please call FPL at 954.797.5000.

If your primary source of income is provided through Social Security retirement benefits, FPL's 62Plus Payment Plan can make paying your electric bill a little easier.

If the due date on your monthly electric bill is prior to the receipt of your Social Security check, please call FPL at 954.797.5000. FPL's 62Plus Payment Plan can reschedule your due date to coincide with the receipt of your monthly benefit check.

With FPL Budget Billing, your monthly electric payment is based on your average annual usage of electricity, not what you use in one billing month. Although you still pay for all the electricity you use, Budget Billing can help you manage your money more efficiently because you can spread seasonal consumption costs over many months. You will also have a better idea of what you owe before your bill arrives. For more information on Budget Billing, please call FPL at 954.797.5000

FPL is acutely aware of the special needs and requirements of handicapped customers. If you are hearing or speech-impaired, and have access to TTY-TDD Equipment, FPL has 'round-the-clock, seven-days-a-week TTY-TDD service available through a toll-free number, 1.800.432.6554. Remember, you must use a teletype keyboard machine to reach FPL at this number.

The Medically Essential Service program is for FPL customers whose electric service is medically essential, as certified by a physician licensed to practice in the State of Florida.

Electric service may be medically essential if the customer has continuously operating electric-powered medical equipment necessary to sustain life or avoid serious medical complications requiring immediate hospitalization.

This program does not guarantee uninterrupted service or exempt a customer from payment of their electric bill. FPL customers requesting participation in this program may call FPL at 954.797.5000 to request an Application and Physician's Certificate form.

Home Energy Survey

For energy-saving tips for your home, you can call FPL for a free Home Energy Survey. An FPL representative will inspect your home and offer low-cost tips on how to make your home more energy-efficient. And if you qualify, the FPL representative will also provide information about FPL's financial incentives to help install energy-efficient equipment or appliances. Call 1.800.DIAL.FPL (1.800.342.5375) for more information.

FPL's On-Call Program is a voluntary residential energy-management program that gives participants credit on their electric bills every month for allowing FPL to interrupt power to selected appliances during periods of heavy electricity consumption.

The participant selects which appliances to include from this list: central electric air conditioning, central electric heating, electric water heater, and pool pump. Call 1.800.DIAL.FPL (1.800.342.5375) for more information.

If you need help, FPL's Customer Service Representatives are just a phone call away. The number for FPL is on the bottom right-hand corner of your monthly bill. You can call FPL Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.