Success Story: Wilton Manor Adult Day Care











My sister, who has dementia, has been attending this wonderful day care for a year now. The care, attention, and opportunity for socializing with others that they provide is exemplary, and she is very happy to be a part of it. The Wilton Manor Adult Day Care Center’s loyal, hardworking employees provide the attendees with activities, birthday and holiday celebrations, artistic opportunities, games, visits from community artists, and time to socialize with other attendees. They take the time to get to know everyone and make sure their needs are being met.


The happiness I see in the people there is a beautiful sight to witness. I am especially thankful for the extra efforts they have taken during the months the Center has been closed down due to COVID-19. The thoughtful phone calls to make sure everyone is doing ok are so very much appreciated. The Zoom meetings they have set up for the attendees now sheltering at home have been wonderful for the attendees as well their caretakers. The caring preparation they put in, in order to have fun trivia questions, has brought fun and laughter to all involved.


I am so thankful that my sister is a recipient of the goodness from this wonderful organization. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has worked so tirelessly to make this all possible.