Success Story: Tai Chi Classes - Sunrise











Ms. P, 69, resides in Sunrise, Florida, with her son. She currently battles arthritis and osteoporosis. She has taken Tai Chi classes with us because she needed a program that would help her physical conditions and keep her active. Before starting our Tai Chi classes, Ms. P expressed concerns about her fear of falling and stated this fear interfered with her normal activities with friends and family. However, after taking the Tai Chi classes, she noticed an increase in her well-being. Though she still has a slight fear of falling, she is now sure that she can find a way to reduce her falls, protect herself if she falls, and get up if she falls. She feels these classes have helped increase her physical strength and helped her to become steadier on her feet. She no longer allows her fear of falling to interfere with her normal activities and has increased her activity level due to the effectiveness of our programs. Lastly, Ms. P thanked us for offering these programs and stated that the Tai Chi instructor was an extraordinary teacher, which is why she plans to continue taking Tai Chi with us.