Success Story: Tai Chi Classes - Fort Lauderdale











Ms. M, 72, resides in Fort Lauderdale, with her husband. She currently does not have any chronic conditions, but wanted to be in a program that would help her maintain her balance and stability. She stated that Tai Chi and Tai Ji Quan have been doing just that for her. Our programs helped Ms. M increase her daily activity level, become more comfortable talking to her health care providers and friends about falling, and overall she is more satisfied with life. She enjoys the network of people that she has met in our program and appreciates the ability to learn and be active. Outside of the scheduled classes, she practices the Tai Chi forms on her own. Seeing the benefits it has provided her, she has referred many people to the Tai Chi classes, some of whom have participated and enjoyed them. Ms. M stated that the teachers were excellent and she thanked us for our programs.