Success Story: RELIEF Program











My parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. have been blessed with the RELIEF Program. Sonia, their assigned volunteer, has been coming to their residence for the past six months, two days a week. My mother, who has dementia, can be very difficult to handle at times and my father, 87 years old, has been her full time caregiver since she was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. Sonia, a very loving person, is always concerned for my mom’s welfare. Sonia takes her for walks, talking to her to keep her mind moving, swinging with her on the porch swing or just giving her snacks. There are many days lately when mom is very difficult and very confused. Sonia is determined to breakthrough showing her love and being a comfort in her life.

God has truly blessed our family with Sonia, thank you for allowing her to be part of my mom’s care and supporting our family.