Success Story: Arianna

elderly woman playing cards

Arianna reached out to the Area Agency on Aging of Broward County (AAABC) April 7, 2020, to inquire about the Community Care for Elderly (CCE) Program. Arianna called on behalf of her mother, Milady, who needed assistance. Tonya N., an Information Specialist for AAABC, was able to guide Arianna through the intake process for her mother. Within 48 hours, Milady was on the CCE waiting list. A few days later, Arianna reached back out to Tonya N, grateful for the services provided by AAABC.  

Hello Tonya,
I believe we spoke on Thursday, and you took the intake information from me, for my mother, Milady.  I also received a phone call later that same day from a woman named Catherine, who set up an appointment for the very next morning for my mother's screening.  The screening was completed, and my mother is on the waiting list for the CCE. I just want to take the opportunity to thank you all very much for your amazing expedience during these troubling times. The work that you are all doing at the ADRC is beyond incredible, and the speed of it all was superhuman!!!!  You are all truly SUPER HEROS!!!!!!!!
Thank you,