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Your "One-Stop Shop" for finding information regarding services in Broward County available for seniors, persons with severe and persistent mental illness, ages 18 and over, their families, and caregivers.

Hurricane over south Florida

A Severe Storm Will Disrupt Your Daily Routine: Be Patient!

  • Patience is your greatest attribute in this situation.
  • Use Extreme Caution. There may be dangerous situations all around you!
  • If Your House is Damaged, move carefully to get out.
  • Avoid Driving! Stay Put! Emergency Vehicles are trying to respond, and debris and road blockage is making their job very difficult and dangerous. If you get into trouble on the roadway, then you make the situation all the more difficult and dangerous.
  • When You Must Drive, Remember you must stop at intersections with stop lights out and treat them as a 4-way stop! Use extreme caution!
  • Do Not Drink the Tap Water until officials have announced it's safe.
  • Listen to Local Radio News Reports for updates on the situation in your area.

Local Media, Utilities, Water & Sewer Post Disaster Quick Links File:

Post Disaster Quick Links [pdf - 144 kb]

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Powerlines Flashing

Restoring Electrical Service

Again, Patience is your greatest attribute here. Repair crews work to restore power to the facilities that serve the greatest number of affected customers first. Crews focus on facilities that provide essential services to your community, such as hospitals, police, fire stations and television or radio stations. Once major repairs have been made, work begins to restore smaller groups and individual customers. Priorities are not established by where your home is located geographically, your payment history or how often you call.

Cartoon Lightbulb


A portable generator can help restore your life to normal during emergencies, but its safe use requires care and planning. The following tips—and a thorough reading of the generator's instructions—can help avoid dangerous situations.

  • Always Run Portable Generators Outside the House. Never run generators inside your home, or in a garage, and keep them away from open windows—including your neighbors—so that deadly exhaust from your generator does not enter your home!
  • Never Attempt to Connect a Generator Directly to Your Home's Wiring. Power from the generator will "back feed" into utility lines with the potential to severely injure you, a neighbor or a utility crew working to restore service. Instead, plug appliances directly into the generator's outlet.
  • Use a Heavy-Duty Extension Cord rated for outdoor use to place the generator safely outdoors.
  • Follow the Manufacturer's Recommendations for grounding the generator.
  • Be Considerate of Your Neighbors! Generators generate noise in addition to electricity. Before you decide to run your generator throughout the night, remember your neighbors need their sleep too!

Garbage Can and Bags

Resumption of Solid Waste Services

  • Don't Place Any Debris near any powerline equipment, poles, transformers, downed electrical wiring, water meters or storm drains.

Secret Agent With Spy Camera

Filing a Claim

  • Notify Your Agent as soon as possible. Give an address and a phone number where you can be reached if you have vacated your home.
  • Present Your Photos and Inventory to help your adjuster assess the damage.
  • Be Patient. Cases are expedited based on severity or hardship.

Hurricanes are a part of Broward County's History

Prepare Yourself for What May Happen Here . . .