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The Dr. Nan S. Hutchison Broward Senior Hall of Fame honors elder excellence in the volunteer sector of Broward County.

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Harold Smith, Davie, 95

2019 Electee

Harold Smith is a selfless volunteer who has been serving Broward County inmates since moving to Broward in 2005. Harold is a Gideon, and visits them at Broward’s main jail every Saturday morning.

As part of his ministry to the inmates, Harold speaks with them and prays for them. He delivers scriptures and devotional magazines. He can oftentimes be found singing and dancing for the inmates as a way to bring them hope, encouragement, and laughter.

Mr. Smith has been faithfully serving in this capacity over the last 14 years. Even though he is much older now, Harold keeps on going! He has such a passion and compassion for the inmates that he meets each week, and never wants to let them down!

Harold is loved by many at the main jail. He is the epitome of a volunteer who has performed in a "highly commendable manner" in Broward County. Harold Smith is the perfect nominee and merits recognition in the Broward Senior Hall of Fame.