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Your "One-Stop Shop" for finding information regarding services in Broward County available for seniors, persons with severe and persistent mental illness, ages 18 and over, their families, and caregivers.

Flamingo in tree during storm

First and Foremost: Go Inside and Stay There!

  • Monitor Local Media for emergency instructions, particularly concerning tornadoes in your area.
  • Secure and Brace All External Doors and close all interior doors. Should a window break you want to minimize the movement of the hurricane's winds throughout your home.
  • Place Animals in Carriers so that they are protected from any breaking glass and other debris.
  • Stay Indoors! Stay away from doors and windows.
  • Turn Off Gas and Electric. Use flashlights and battery powered lanterns.
  • Do Not Use Candles or Kerosene Lamps during the storm. During a high wind storm, there is an increased likelihood of some type of sudden disruption within your household (e.g., falling picture(s), breaking window, etc.) that could result in tipping over any candles or open flame lamps. Don't risk a fire for candle or lamp light. Use a flashlight instead.
  • Go to Your Safe Room! And stay in your safe room even if you hear breaking glass. Do not expose yourself to the hurricane's winds.
  • If Your House Starts to Break Apart, protect yourself from falling debris by covering yourself with a mattress and pillows. If your safe room is a bathroom with a bathtub, get in the tub under a mattress.
  • Stay Inside Until the Storm has Completely Passed. Some people think a hurricane has passed, when, in actuality, the calmness they are experiencing is the "eye of the storm." While the "eye" of the hurricane passes, conditions may remain very calm for a few minutes or even for more than an hour, depending on the forward speed of the hurricane. Beware, though, winds will return with greater intensity, this time, coming from the opposite direction.
  • Call 911 ONLY for Emergencies. Avoid using the telephone unless necessary.

Hurricanes are a part of Broward County's History

Prepare Yourself for What May Happen Here . . .